Welcome to the Global 4-H Digital Summit 2021

  In order to stay connected in global 4-H during the pandemic of COVID-19, the Global 4-H Digital Summit 2021, organized by Korea 4-H & Taiwan 4-H from Asia 4-H Network organization and Canada 4-H, will be held from September 7th to 10th.

  We are officially inviting you to attend and join us as speakers, presenters, experience sharers, and participants in developing and shaping the future of this great world’s youth.

  The invited speakers will bring wisdom and knowledge from their fields of expertise to share with attendees through Thematic Presentations, 10 country reports, and presentations on Competency Building. In addition, there will be engagement activities such as 4-H experiences sharing and cultural show. 

  4-Hers around the world will demonstrate their amazing talents and share their cultures and traditions.

  We look forward to meeting you at the Global 4-H Digital Summit 2021.