Why Digital Summit? 

With the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, our lives have changed dramatically. For 4-H youth around the world, meeting with friends has been difficult. Overseas trips have been impossible. We would like to create an opportunity to stay connected and keep our global 4-H community strong. We hope that this digital Summit will be an opportunity to meet new people, connect with old friends, build a sense of belonging and practice leadership and communication skills. Through interactive tools and engaging presentations, this digital Summit will be hosted through Youtube and Zoom, and will be open to any 4-H country. 

• To motivate and engage the global network of 75 countries including 4-H youth, leaders and professionals during these difficult times.
• To share experiences, connect and re-establish a sense of belonging to a global movement.
• To learn about new programming, share insights and exemplary cases from 4-H around the world.
• To explore new directions for the 4-H movement in a Covid-19 era where digitization may be the “new normal”.‌

About the Theme: 
A Call to Action; Let’s Stay Connected!

As the world faces the unprecedented challenge of responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, 4-H must commit to act with urgency and determination to respond to this crisis. We are deeply concerned about the devastating impacts that we are already seeing on some of the world’s most vulnerable populations and countries, where the pandemic is exacerbating high levels of pre-existing needs. We are seeing poverty levels growing, food supplies falling and prices soaring, children missing vaccinations, meals, and schooling, while sexual and gender-based violence are increasing. This pandemic calls for 4-H’ers a concerted and coordinated global action based on unity, solidarity and effective international cooperation.
As the COVID-19 spreads across the world, all meetings, events, activities and school classes that once brought young people together have been suspended.

The pandemic has forced the whole world into lockdown. Feeling socially isolated can impact people’s mental wellbeing.It can make people feel sad, anxious, lonely and depressed. This summit wants to make sure that during this time, 4-H members all over the world have ways to stay connected, even if you can’t see others in person. We’re lucky to live in a digitally connected world, especially when travelling becomes difficult. 

  The summit participants are able to connect with others wherever they are through on line and know how others successfully run their 4-H clubs, camps, projects, activities… etc.
In response to the current global crisis, the United Nations has formulated Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). All countries and organizations are required to assess and disclose the results and influence of organizations/programs in order to strengthen social trust, improve governance efficiency, and enhance public interests.
Therefore, for the CSR plans of NPOs, especially our 4-H, or social enterprises, social cooperatives and general companies, the social impact report is the basis and framework for evaluation and disclosure. As a tool and strategy, it can directly improve organizational capabilities and achieve learning growth and social development. The effects of communication, brand equity, and social accountability will ultimately achieve SDGs. This summit will also cover the awareness of social impact assessment.
The global pandemic has drawn attention away from the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs), which are already well behind schedule to be achieved by 2030. The findings of various previous reports, including the 2020 Social Progress Index, which recently found that SDG fulfilment is 62 years behind schedule and could be delayed by another decade as a result of Covid-19. This summit calls for presentation relating how your 4-H responds to UN SDGS even in this rigorous time, especially but not limited in climate and environmental aspects.