Global 4-H Youth Committee

Global 4-H Youth Committee Statement

The inaugural Global 4-H Youth Network Committee as established by the 2019 Global 4-H Jeju Declaration is a committee of 4-H members 
from around the globe who are dedicated to the advancement of the 4-H program. 
Working in unity we represent our home countries and the 4-H program in purposeful dialogue towards a better world.

1. The Global 4-H Youth Network is made up of three representatives from each of  the five global 4-H regions; Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America & Caribbean ,
     North America.  The committee aims to advance the 4-H program in three key areas:
  • increasing connections between 4-H programs worldwide
  • continuing 4-H’s long history of education in meaningful areas including leadership, rural development, and agriculture
  • advocating for increased inclusivity in all 4-H programs worldwide
    The committee strives to inspire members and share the 4-H spirit in all that we do. The spirit of 4-H is contagious and one that promotes positive change in the


‌2. The COVID-19 Global Pandemic has made us rethink every aspect of our life. Aspects such as education, healthcare, and our close personal connection to others 

     have been  disrupted. While the COVID-19 pandemic has been a time of stress, worry, and loss; it has shown us that we can come together all over the globe to 
     face  the trials that the pandemic created. Despite these challenges, 4-H globally has adapted. We commit to continuing to reconnect and adapt as our world 
     reacts  to the evolving health crisis.

‌3. 4-H members worldwide share an unending interest in learning. The Global 4-H Youth Network will provide opportunities for education to members worldwide 
     sharing knowledge from our 4-H experiences. The committee also advocates for increased awareness of 4-H Learns as a platform for information sharing and 
     innovation center for 4-H leaders globally.

‌4. 4-H Youth Development encourages and accepts all youth regardless of race, color, age, sex, religion, disability, or national origin. 4-H is a non-formal educational 
     program designed to help youth use research based knowledge to improve their lives. Education is stifled when diversity, equity, and inclusion are not included in 
     our praxis. We commit to prioritizing these essential components when organizing our committee.

‌5. The Global 4-H Youth Network understands the important role that 4-H has in reaching the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations in fighting
     poverty, inequality, climate change, environmental degradation, and in respecting world peace, co-prosperity and global justice. As a committee we strive to 
     collaborate with public, private and non-profit sectors to create partnerships that will advance the 4-H program’s ability to address the issues.

                                                                                                                           Global 4-H Youth Committee Members
                                                              Doris Akalachiba Asandem, 4-H Ghana                                                          Dylan Gentry, 4-H United States
                                                              Guilherme Leao, 4-H Brazil                                                                                     Hatibu Kilenga, 4-H Tanzania
                                                              Johanna Oösterhom, 4-H Finland                                                                       Merisa Abdullahu, 4-H Kosovo
                                                              Jonghyeon Lee, 4-H Korea                                                                                      Jose Granados, 4-H Costa Rica 

                                                              Katie Pascavis, 4-H United States                                                                       Logan Emiry,  4-H Canada                                                                                        
                                                              Shahidah Grant, 4-H Jamaica                                                                                 Xiao Rong Cheng, 4-H Taiwan 
                                                              Atukundu Peruth, 4-H Uganda                                                                             Mutiarra Anggraini, 4-H Indonesia

Erin Smith, Chief Program Officer - 4-H Canada
Megan Van Massenhoven, Youth Programs Manager - 4-H Canada

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Inaugural Global 4-H Youth Committee, Sept. 9th 2021

About the Global 4-H Youth Committee

The Global 4-H Network Board of Directors has proposed that a Global 4-H Youth Committee be formed to represent youth voices from each 4-H region worldwide. As such, this committee will be comprised of youth from all regions with the goal to bring forward issues, share stories, and create a network of youth who have 4-H in common.
Term: one year July 2021-June 2022
Time Commitment: 4 virtual meetings per year plus other events and speaking opportunities as required

Who is eligible to apply?

• Youth ages 18-29
• Currently active and endorsed by their 4-H program (letter of reference)
• Familiar with the Global 4-H Network and/or 4-H as a global movement
• Able to act as an ambassador for the 4-H program, speak about the program in your
  country and represent 4-H in a positive light.
• In-depth awareness of 4-H from a youth perspective in your region
• Able to speak publicly and present with confidence on these issues in front of large audiences of stakeholders, including high-level officials and representatives from the private and public sector (English is the working language)
• Must participate in 4-6 mandatory virtual meetings throughout the year

*Three(3) representatives from each of the five(5) global 4-H regions will be selected for a total of 15 spots.
• Latin America and the Caribbean
• North America
• Asia
• Africa
• Europe 

Selection Process

• A selection committee made up of regional representatives of the Global 4-H Network will review applications and make selections
• Review and selection will take place in late June 2021
• All selected representatives will be notified in late June 2021
• An initial meeting of the Global 4-H Youth Committee will take place in July 2021