Dear All,
In order to stay connected in global 4-H during the pandemic of COVID-19. The Global 4-H Digital Summit 2021, organized by Korea 4-H & Taiwan 4-H from Asia 4-H Network organization and Canada 4-H, will be held from September 7th to 10th . We are officially inviting you to attend and join us as speakers, presenters, experience sharers, and participants in developing and shaping the future of this great world’s youth.
  This summit is geared towards training the 4-Hers, 4-H leaders, 4-H volunteers and educators to become more active and devoted in their roles as well as educating for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship. The invited speakers will bring wisdom and knowledge from their fields of expertise to share with attendees through Thematic Presentations. Those who join the summit will have the opportunity to see and hear from both youth and adults, working in a variety of fields, on their thoughts on the summit theme virtually.
  In addition to invited speakers, we are asking that each Regional 4-H Network in attendance bring two country reports to share. The pre-recorded country report should be approximately 20~30 minutes each.
  Individual or small groups are also invited to share their 4-H experiences and culture show. Each 4-H Experience Sharing will be pre-recorded and approximately 3~5 minutes in length. 4-H members will share their successful 4-H activities, like what they have learned in 4-H, project demonstration, youth action, public service, civic engagement or wide initiatives …etc. The Cultural Show will also be pre-recorded and approximately 5~15 minutes in length. It is a multicultural extravaganza and also a celebration of cultural diversity. 4-Hers will demonstrate their amazing talents and share their cultures and traditions.
  The summit also calls for presentations on Competency Building. The purpose of this workshop session is to enhance the capacities for 4-H members and leaders from all over the world. The pre-recorded workshop is limited to 60 minutes in length each.
  The recommended topics for consideration are 4-H and UN SDGS, STEAMS, Positive Youth Development, Leadership, Entrepreneurship … etc.
  Besides the various sessions mentioned above, the online Global 4-H Network Board Meeting and Global 4-H Youth Committee meeting will be convened during the summit. We look forward to meeting you at the Global 4-H Digital Summit 2021.